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UFOs – Paranormal – Esoteric  Researcher and Writer

Turkish UFO, paranormal, esoteric researcher Farah Yurdozu is also a writer, and author of several best-selling books in her native land. Fluent in Turkish, English and Spanish, she’s known on several continents as an authority on UFO’s, paranormal and the metaphysical. Farah’s gifts as a psychic medium were recently featured in TLC's paranormal investigation TV series DEAD TENANTS. She is a columnist for the leading monthly publication UFO Magazine and a journalist/ producer at Jerry Pippin Internet Radio. She is also a writer for Italian X-Times Magazine, and British UFO Matrix Magazine. Though her work reflects a passion for all aspects of the paranormal, her main area of study is abductions and close encounters with Extra Terrestrial and interdimensional beings through centuries and world history. Farah continues her work as a UFO researcher, writer and lecturer, and appears in major UFO conferences all over the United States from Roswell to California, Nevada to New York City.

 Farah Yurdozu’s books are:
“Love in an Alien Purgatory” ( 2009 ) USA
“UFO Forbidden Zone /UFO Yasak Bölge  ( 2008 ), Turkey ”
“Confessions of a Turkish UFOlogist” ( 2007 ) USA
“You Are Your Soulmate” ( 2007 ). USA
"UFO Truths and Lies / UFO Gerçekleri ve Yalanları" 1999, Turkey.
“Life is a Horror Movie/ Yaşam Bir Korku Filmidir” (novel) 1999, Turkey
“Metaphysical Love in Madrid/Madrit’te Metafizik Aşk” (novel) 1995, Turkey
"UFOs Are Coming / UFOlar Geliyor" 1993 Turkey


  • Stargates and contact with ET visitors, BILYAY,  Istanbul, June, 2013.
  • Tek Rumeli TV Network Talk Show, UFOlogy in Turkey and in the world. May, 2013.
  • Spritual aspects of Extra Terrestrial Beings, BILYAY, Istanbul, March 2013.
  • Introduction to UFOlogy Class, BILYAY Research Center, Istanbul, January 2013.
  • Free Your Mind Conference, Philadelphia,  April, 2011.
  • Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, October 2010
  • Bordentown NJ UFO Conference, May 2010
  • 5th Exobiology Congress, Ecuador, November 2009.
  • Bordentown NJ UFO Conference April 2009
  • Disclosure Network New York, 2009
  • Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, 2009 California
  • Bordentown NJ UFO Conference November 2008 
  • Disclosure Network New York, 2008
  • MUFON International Symposium, 2008 California
  • International UFO Congress, 2008, Nevada
  • Roswell UFO Congress, 2008, New Mexico
  • Culture of Contac, 2008, New Jersey
  • Atlantic Coast UFO Conference, Atlantic City , 2008
  • Bay Area UFO Expo, 2007, California
  • Roswell UFO Conference, 2007, New Mexico
  • Culture of Contact, 2007, New York City
  • NUFOC UFO Conference, 2005, California

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