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PAZUZU OR MOTHMAN? by Farah Yurdozu


By Farah Yurdozu

Although modern Turkey is an Islamic country based on a monotheistic religious belief system, our ancient history is full of multiple gods. In fact, all kinds of gods and demi-gods descended to the vast Turkish land to shape our lives, expecting obedience from the humans. With their very advanced technology and apparently paranormal abilities, it was easy for them to control the local humans. They quickly got busy giving instructions to kings on how to build temples, how to make laws and how to govern a kingdom. Maybe that’s when the special close-knit relationships started between the gods and the earthly rulers. Maybe since then, kings have believed that they are the reflection and the representetives of the gods on earth. They still seem to feel that way, don’t they?

Is it possible to say the ancient gods were a techologically advanced race with vast paranormal abilities, but that they had a very little spiritual wisdom? Once here, the mysterious gods who came from the stars did everything that a regular man or woman does such as eating, drinking, getting angry, punishing the earthlings, and getting married to earth women (which yielded half human / half god hybrid children.) But one thing was missing: the spiritual message. These gods were not very worried about carrying spiritual or religious teaching to our ancestors. They just wanted full obedience at every cost.

Thousands years ago in ancient Turkey my ancestors had to sacrifice animals and humans to appease the gods, just as happened in many other parts of our planet. Ancient gods were powerful, but it seems that they had short tempers and lots of weaknesses, a constant hunger for blood from the sacrifices, and a need to have sex to keep their race alive. And they were mortal. Though their lifespan was longer than ours, they could and did die. In fact these techno-visitors never claimed that they were “gods”. They were called gods by the humans who had no choice but to accept their sovereignty and who had no other verbal, physical or historic references with which to accurately describe them.

But maybe there was another reason that humans accepted this sovereignty quickly. Such as the different pyhisical aspects and appearance of the gods. Some of the ancient world’s female and male semi-gods were monstrous-looking beings. In Turkey’s numerous is possible to see artifacts of the half snake / half human or half bird-half / human gods depicted with horns and wings, with claws and tails. Dozens of civilizations started and ended on Turkish land. Visitors who came from the sky in the flying spheres got married to earthlings and a new nation was born. In some other time evil looking creatures who resided in an underground world created a huge complex of cities where they lived, hid and left a legend behind.

And as usual sky-gods and underground world gods preferred some specific locations to make a new beginning. One of these is a very historical region called Harran in southeastern Turkey where a visit is like going on a fantastic time travel. First of all, Harran is known as the place where Adam and Eve arrived after they left the Garden of Eden. Also according to the Book of Genesis, Abraham lived in Harran. History shows us that it was a very important center for Mesopotamian culture, and it was the home of the Mesopotamian moon-god Sin around 610 BC. In fact Harran was one the most pagan cities in the region.

As I mentioned, the demi-gods were not perfect. For example, the Sky God Anu had a daugther named Lamashtu. Mesopotamian mythology describes her as a female demon and a malevolent demi-goddess. Her body was hairy, she had a lion’s head, long fingers and fingernails and bird feet. She used to attack newborn babies and kidnap them. Not only babies, but men and pregnant mothers were her victims. Lamashtu was a blood drinker. Was she the prototype of Vampirella, maybe? She used to disturb people’s sleep and bring nightmares. Lamashtu enjoyed scaring, harming and killing humans, unlike her father Anu. Although her father was known as the Sky-God, she was coming from the underworld. Night time visits and kidnapping children is a very familiar concept to those with a basic knowledge about Alien Abduction phenomenon.

The demi-god Lamashtu was very independent and rebellious. She didn’t listen her father Anu. There was only one other powerful demon who was able to control Lamashtu: Pazuzu. Pazuzu was a monstrous looking male demon who cruelly toyed with humans. This scary looking half human, half animal, horned demon is depicted with a dog or lion-like face, two pairs of giant wings, bird feet and claws, a serpent like penis. He was the lord of the winds. He had the ability to fly. He was known as the bringer of famine droughts. But in one thing he helped the humans: to get rid of Lamashtu. He managed to send her back to the underground world where she belonged.

It is interesting to see that many of the supernatural beings were related to an underground world as well as the Extra Terrestrial visitors. Pazuzu was one of them too. He seems like a kind of physical being who had supernatural powers. Later, the Pazuzu effigy was used as a protection talisman against Lamashtu. Today you can see these talismans in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. After the Mesopotamian culture ended, we don’t know what happened to Pazuzu. Did he go back to his underground world or did he continue his activities on the surface?

It actually seems that the legend of Pazuzu didn’t dissapear in the 14th Century BC, but in fact had a transformation and was updated according to the 20th Century’s expectations and tastes. Yes, Pazuzu came back and reappared in United States under the name of Mothman.

Mothman was a creature seen between 1966 and 1967 in West Virginia. The half human, half bird like being had gigantic wings, clawlike hands and bird feet. The resemblence between Pazuzu and Mothman is amazingly complete. On both of the creatures, the gigantic double wings are the most impressive feature. Even though their body looks like a man, they have the same monster face. And both beings had claw like hands and bird feet.

In at least the realm of appearances, Mothman is nothing less than a modern version of the historical Pazuzu. Are they coming from the same race? Are there still flying mythological beings in our modern time?

When Mothman made his appareance in West Virginia, nobody remembered or even knew about Pazuzu. It’s interesting to note that Mothman was observed flying, and according to some claims he was coming from underground, from a Second World War TNT factory. Mothman’s first impression on the local people was not positive at all. Some of the witnesses managed to see him from a very close distance, but these close encounters would end when the creature opened his big wings and flew off just like a hellicopter. On Dec 15, 1967, Silver Bridge (which was betweet Point Pleasant West Virginia and Gallipolis, Ohio) collapsed and 46 people died. Although a failure of a single I-beam caused the accident, people blamed Mothman. In another words Mothman brought his curse to West Virginia towns just like Pazuzu used to bring badness to his world.

UFO and paranormal investigator and writer John A. Keel made Mothman an official part of the unknown world. Later based on Keel’s book the movie “The Mothman Prophecies” with Richard Gere carfried the myth into popular entertainment. Hollywood loves the monster heroes as stars. But this was not Mothman’s first cinema experience.

He made an important appearance on screen years before “The Mothman Prophecies.” In “The Exorcist,” based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, the Pazuzu figure had an important role as the demon who possesed a young girl. The story started in an archaeological dig in Nothern Iraq, with a Pazuzu figure taken from the burial site. And then Pazuzu, a fallen angel from the sky, caused all that horror and demonic activity, trying to steal a young person’s soul. In some ways Pazuzu was interpreted as a demon or as Satan himself. The archetype of Satan had its own evolution over time. But from one culture to another it always kept the similar symbolism at looks: Satan was a half human / half animal creature with horns and a tail, claws and animal feet. It was also related to the serpent, or reptilian race. A mixture of reptile and humanoid characteristics made him infamous in the world of beliefs. In other words the Satan conception was born from the demi-god Pazuzu figure.

Satan or The Devil has been accompanying the human race as the symbol of dark forces since the dawn of time. It is possible to see a variety of uses of Satanic symbolism in occult and esoteric studies. A good example to this is “The Devil” card in the Tarot deck. The horned hybrid being’s huge wings and animal claw feet look like an interpretation of Pazuzu / Mothman.

Devil / Satan’s reptilian side is also another very well known symbolism which became a religious teaching in time. Fallen angels, demons and dragon kings or dragon gods depicted with serpent characteristics exist in many different cultures of the East and West. The curiosity is that all these reptilian looking, intelligent hybrids didn’t survive as mythological figures. But they did become a very important part of UFO visitations, close encounters and alien abductions. Experiencers and abductees started to give reports about different groups of Reptilian beings and Reptoids. These visitors belong to a variety of races. But they generally have the same physical aspects such as a scaled skin, vertical reptile eyes, a tail, clawlike hands and in some cases horns and wings. Reptilians have been seen together with Gray aliens inside the UFOs or in underground facilities. All these testimonies have been a part of UFO / Alien abductions for a very long time. Are Reptilians the Satans of modern times? Or was the Reptilian race interpreted as demons or as Satan himself by our historical ancestors? Are Pazuzu and Mothman coming from the same race? Do they belong to a huge species of Serpents with varieties of color and physical characteristics just like the huiman species exhibits?

I guess we’ll find out the answers to these questions only when the Extra Terrestrials decide to reveal their real identity and purposes on earth. Until then we have lots of homework to do.

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