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Famous British fashion designer Alexander McQueen found dead in his appartment in February 2010. According to police reports he committed suicide leaving several notes behind. His designs were extremely popular in celebrity circles of the popular world culture. Suprisingly his last collection contributed to another culture which is not from this world. His last collection was named “Platos’ Atlantis”. It was obvious that his inspiration was the lost continent Atlantis and an Extra Terrestrial civilization. The fashion show starts with the awakening of the Reptilian Goddess. After an intense Reptilian / Snake symbolism which is already a dominant power over the popular world culture, the actual runway show begins.

Otherwordly looking models wear a kind of “horned” hairdone emphasizing the Reptilian aspects of the ancient visitors. Almost all of the costumes have Reptilian / Snake / Cobra designes, colors and patterns. Shoes remind us the goat feet, just like we would see in half human half animal ancient gods who were first seen in Babylonian / Sumerian / Greek cultures.

We already know that there is a strong link between some creative minds and Reptilian power which inspires them. This is a channeling and also a mind control tecnique. Reptilian power wants to show itself in every way and everywhere. Popular consuming products including fashion are the best ways to do this. High fashion, expensive, exclusive fashion feeds the emotional hunger of many women and men today. Buying, owning, wearing a specific designer’s expensive clothes also means having a higher position in the society. Just like what Reptilians have been doing for centuries. They believe that they are higher than the human race, they are the noble, elite class and they have the ruling power.

Please watch the link and the runway show. You’ll see many Reptilians and hybrids on the runway. And soon you’ll see many women wearing the reptilian clothes on the streets. This is a very carefully prepared program to integrate Reptilians with humans and humans with hybrids.

Enjoy the show at:

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  1. Dear Farah,

    I like your blog on Reptilian civilization. There are many reasons for that. One reason is certainly blog's topic - Reptilians.

    I did not read much about "lost continent Atlantis and an Extra - Terrestrial civilization" -- therefore I would not comment on that.

    A few words that you used in your blog have motivated me to post this comment. Those words are: "awakening of the Reptilian Goddess", "Reptilian / Snake symbolism which is a dominant power over --", "Otherwordly looking models", "Reptilian aspects", "strong link between creative minds and Reptilian power which inspires them","channeling & mind control tecnique", "Reptilian power wants to show itself in every way and every where", "Reptilians -- higher than the human race, noble, elite class and have the ruling power".

    The Sanskrit word for snake is "Nag". In central India near Nagpur snakes are worshipped on the day of Nag-Panchami. There is a State of Nagaland in eastern India where Naga tribe lives. Hindu believes that Nag civilization existed in anciant time in Patal Lok (present day America, near Mayan civilization founded by Mayasur Danav).

    Spiritually, the sepent power is the ultimate power. This serpent power is called "Kundalini shakti". Do you know "KUNDALINI SHAKTI"? I hope that you must be knowing it - - because you are the practitioner (Sadhak) of Spritiualism. It a serpent power sleeping (dormant) in Muladhar Chakra (located at the end of spinal cord) of a human body. It can be awaken by exercising 8 yogic practices proposed by Patanjali in his Astang Yoga. They are Yam, Niyam, Aasan, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan, and Samadhi. Kundalini has a tremendous and mysterious powers and the sadhak who channelised this serpent power thru various chakras from muladhar to sahasrar can gain numerous transcendental powers. Then the sadhak becomes a residence of different spiritual plane or world. He becomes noble, elite and gains a ruling power over self and others.

    I like your blog very much.

    Rajendra Shelke